• Learning to Program

    About 6 months ago I decided to take up programming. Its something that I have always been interested in and its something [..]
  • How to Write an Outsourcing Ad

    photo credit: gruntzooki How to Write an Outsourcing Ad Writing an ad to find new staff and team members, can be a [..]
  • Building Your Team with Outsourcers

    photo credit: kafka4prez Building Your Team with Outsourcers Often the fastest way to accelerate your impact and growth in [..]
  • The Battle Between Subjective versus Objective in Business

    photo credit: RambergMediaImages In the past week I’ve had three separate occasions where  I was coaching or consulting [..]
  • Ted Williams, Trolls and Putting Yourself Out There

    As I write this you may have seen the story of Ted Williams. He was a guy that over the past few days has gone from being [..]

What makes a business genius

Having modelled some of the world's top executives and entrepreneurs (Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Akio Morita) for his "Strategies of Business Genius" series of courses and books, Sam understands the real world applications of leadership in a business situation and uses these strategies everyday in the running of his own five successful companies. Read more
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